About Us

Who We Are

As Revenue Authorities become more vigorous and the tax laws become increasingly complex, businesses and individuals need adept tax lawyers who are able to identify the risks and opportunities for tax optimisation.

At OrtusAfrica, our team of tax lawyers skilfully deliver ingenious and effective solutions to our clients across various industry sectors. Our services add value to clients via –

  1. Helping clients meet their tax compliance and reporting obligations
  2. Value through efficient cost and risk management. We help clients understand and
  3. Plan for tax expense, manage risks of their tax and legal profiles, and drive efficiency through their tax and legal functions.
  4. Advisory on tax Implications of business transactions. We help clients understand and plan for the tax and legal implications of their business change, including M&A, new operational jurisdictions, business model change, intellectual property planning, employee mobility and more.
  5. Tax dispute prevention and resolution